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AAA Premium (A Grade)


Mint condition used golf balls. These are the best quality you can get. They are like new and will have no scuff marks on them at all. These still feel and play like a brand new ball. They may have small texta marks on them which will not affect the ball at all. These balls are usually one hit wonders.


NB. You may find the odd ball with a slight mark as we grade thousands of balls daily and the odd one may slip through. Even if it does (which is very rare) the blemish would be almost unnoticeable.


AA Grade (B Grade)


Usually AAA balls with one mark on them somewhere. These balls will show small signs of use and usually contain a slight scuff, texta mark or player id. Still excellent balls for playing conditions.


NB. Balata style balls will have more noticeable marks because they are so much softer, eg. titleist pro v1, callaway hx tour etc. etc.


C Grade


Balls that have already been used quite a bit. Signs of use and marks will be quite noticeable. The clear glossy finish has usually been completely removed from these balls due to the amount of usage they have had. Excellent balls for social play and practice.


Practice (D Grade)


Self explanatory really, these balls are for practice only and will generally not be suitable for play. Balls will have scuffs, texta marks, player id's and will sometimes show major signs of use. No balls will be cracked!


**Please Note: there is a chance that any used ball we sell will have logos of some kind on them. If you do not wish to receive golf balls with logos, then please let us know and we will do our best to pull them out for you.**


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