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New Zero Friction Golf Tees - 2.75" - Orange

Contains 40 Tees In This Pack

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New Zero Friction Golf Tees - 2.75" - Orange - 40 Pack

The Zero Friction Performance Golf Tee flat out performs. There are other "alternative" golf tees on the market that claim they are the longest or the performance golf tees straightest, but the Zero Friction Golf Tee out performed them all! Independently tested by one of the leading golf laboratories in the world, the Zero Friction Golf Tee was hands down, the longest and most accurate performance golf tee ever produced.

The Zero Friction Golf Tee is made from a proprietary biodegradable material that is INCREDIBLY strong. As much as the competition doesn't want to admit it, this makes Zero Friction Tees considerably stronger than any other golf tee on the market.

Includes One Adjustable Height Tee

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